October 12, 2018

I was so grateful when a trusted friend pointed us toward East West Karate. It was a different feeling from the moment we walked through the door. She hangs on every word the instructors give and I’ve seen her grow in so many ways. Physically she is stronger, emotionally she has more confidence and inner strength and I’m seeing her personal leadership skills come to the surface. For years I’ve tried to figure out how to bring these things out in her and within those first 6 weeks I saw them emerge. She’s doing better in school and she’s matured in ways that I’m so grateful for. I also enjoy watching and hearing the instructors interact with she and her classmates so that I can re-enforce the concepts at home. East West Karate has been a blessing and I love raising a strong confident young lady who can now do amazing jump kicks. I can’t wait to see how she continues to grow. East West Karate is now a part of our family and saying thank you will never convey how much I appreciate the impact they’ve had on my beautiful child.