Karate Helped Me Focus And Improve My Grades

Karate isn’t just another activity or a fun after school sport. It teaches valuable life skills that can immediately have a positive impact. Confidence is usually the first thing you’ll notice. Your child will start to carry themselves differently and hold their head up higher. Karate requires focus and self-discipline throughout class and this will help you focus in other areas, such as at school. This in turn will improve grades! Self-defense skills are a central part, but through these skills and training you learn the value of having them and not having to use them if at all possible. The following was written by one of our students for his blackbelt test, giving his personal experience of how martial arts has affected his life throughout his training.

“When I started Martial Arts, I was a very shy person. I didn’t even have the courage to say the student creed aloud. But as time passed; I was able to gain the confidence to be able to speak in front of the class. I have learned to believe in myself and, I have learned to protect not only myself, but also those that I love. I also learned to have self-discipline and be focused in what I do. As a result, my grades improved, and I have been an honor student since. I have learned courage and to be considerate of others. Taking the test to become a black belt had taught me that I can do anything that I put my mind into and that there is nothing that I can’t do. Mr. Davis taught us in class that just because I know how to fight, doesn’t mean that I have to. That Martial Arts is not about fighting, but about not causing injury to others if at all possible. Getting this belt will be my most precious achievement and I will wear it with pride because like Mr. Davis always said: “Yes I can”. I will be a black belt because I can.”


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