10 Reasons to Train Martial Arts

Martial arts is just kicks, punches, and fighting, right? Wrong! It’s so much more. When considering martial arts for yourself or your kids, first ask yourself what you would like to get out of it. Physical fitness, Self-Defense, and Confidence are a few benefits. Setting short term and long term goals will help you achieve them. Although there are countless benefits, I’ll break it down to the 10 most common reasons to learn martial arts.

  1. CONFIDENCE: A confident person will not only hold their head higher, but will be more successful. When you’re confident, you can defend yourself. You won’t be an easy target for bullies or an attack. You’ll push yourself harder through difficult tasks with the confidence in yourself to be able to accomplish them.
  2.  DISCIPLINE: Not only important for children, but adults as well. Martial Arts teaches mental and physical discipline that can be used in daily life at school, home, or work. Putting the mind and body in harmony helps kids gain control over themselves and take responsibility for their actions and choices.
  3. LEADERSHIP: Working your way up the ranks in martial arts gives you the chance to teach beginners. This gives you an opportunity to be a positive example, and teaching will develop leadership skills.
  4.  DEFENSE: Although this doesn’t guarantee you can take on any opponent, you will learn techniques to help defend yourself that will give you the edge in a hostile situation. Being able to identify weak points, counter a specific type of attack, or find an escape may be vital to your survival.
  5.  LEARN HOW TO TAKE A PUNCH: Knowing how to take a punch, what it feels like, how to react, and keep your focus will increase your effectiveness in a fight.
  6.  ENDURANCE: Just like any other sport, the physical training will build your endurance.
  7.  HEALTH: With childhood obesity on the rise (and let’s face it, adults too) Martial Arts is a great way to burn off calories. Not only is it fun, you will learn valuable life skills while doing it!
  8. ABILITY TO ASSESS AN OPPONENT: Using your opponent’s weaknesses to your advantage is an invaluable skill. You may not be able to overpower them, but you can overpower their weakness, and that may save your life.
  9.  SITUATIONAL AWARENESS: When you study and practice martial arts, you must always be aware of your surroundings.
  10. FIGHT IN A CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT: Practicing your skills in a controlled environment will not only build your confidence, but allow you to develop your own style. You will know your own weak points and strong points.